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What is the eEAS?


The Erlangen Atopy Score (Erlangen Atopie Score; EAS) was developed by Diepgen and colleagues in 1991 to determine atopic skin diathesis, i.e. the tendency of the skin to develop atopic eczema. This is a major risk factor for the occurrence of occupational skin diseases.  The score is a systematically developed listing of anamnestic and clinical features to objectify the likelihood of atopic skin diathesis and the associated risk of eczema. The EAS was developed for, and should only be completed by, healthcare professionals. On DermaValue you will now find the electronic version of the EAS (eEAS).


Validation of questionnaire

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How to use the eEAS


The Erlanger Atopy Score consists of 24 criteria divided into 6 domains: atopic family history, atopic self-anamnesis, atopic minimal forms, atopic stigmata, dermal neurovegetative and laboratory values. Each feature is scored based on relevance to atopic skin diathesis with a score of 0 - 3. The total score can range from 0 - 42. 


Starting at 10 points, atopic skin diathesis is likely to be present, and the probability increases further at 15 and 20 points. The eEAS should only be completed by healthcare professionals.


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The following versions of the eEAS are available

eerlangeratopiescore pdf

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eerlangeratopiescore pdf or

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When is the EAS used?


Persons with an atopic skin diathesis are exposed to an increased risk of developing hand eczema during occupational wet work (e.g. gardeners, cooks, geriatric nurses). The EAS can be used to detect these persons at an early stage, inform them about the risk, and recommend a retraining or a different choice of occupation. The use of the EAS is explicitly recommended in the "Bamberger Empfehlung - Empfehlung zur Begutachtung von arbeitsbedingten Hauterkrankungen und Hautkrebserkrankungen", of the German Social Accident Insurance.



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The eEAS is easy and intuitive to use.

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Save time with our online tool. Fill in the questionnaire and your eEAS will be calculated automatically.

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On DermaValue, you not only get your EAS score, but also learn what it means in terms of the probability of an atopic skin diathesis.

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The eEAS enables the physician to make informed treatment decisions.

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Take care of the environment and save your patient data on the online platform or as PDF files for yourself and your physicians.





Validation study:

Diepgen, T. L., Sauerbrei, W., & Fartasch, M. (1996). Development and validation of diagnostic scores for atopic dermatitis incorporating criteria of data quality and practical usefulness. Journal of clinical epidemiology, 49(9), 1031–1038. https://doi.org/10.1016/0895-4356(96)00119-9




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